June, 26th, 2022

08:30AM-16:00PM (KST Time)

"Simple & Easy Protocol For Successful GBR "

GBR is a reliable technique for the alveolar ridge augmentation at all alveolar ridge defects including horizontal, vertical, and combined types of defects. Since the introduction of GBR technique based on the preliminary study on the animal model (Schenk et al. 1994), non-resorbable membranes have been considered the standard reference for GBR because of their space-making capacity and controlled barrier function.

However, they are often associated with soft-tissue complications after exposure and require additional surgery for their removal. Consequently, resorbable membranes were proposed for GBR (even at the vertical defect), despite their inherent lack of a space-making capability. To circumvent this lack of mechanical stability, resorbable membranes have been used alongside stabilizing devises (e.g., pins, tenting screws, titanium mesh, or stabilizing sutures). However, these supportive devices can be difficult to install, and must be removed in an additional surgery.

Moreover, there is little evidence to support their use. Many clinicians recommend the additional use of these devices for stabilizing the augmented materials. On the other hand, other clinicians report successful results of GBR without the stabilizing devices. The speaker also demonstrated successful vertical augmentation (4-8mm) with this simple and easy protocol of GBR using the deproteinized xenogenic bone mineral and collagen membrane. In this presentation, step-by-step GBR protocols and the considerations in each step will be discussed.

Prof. Jung-Seok Lee

D.D.S, Periodontist, MSD, Seoul National University.
Internship, Residentship, Department of Periodontology, Yonsei University.
Chief of Periodontology, Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital.
Research lecturer, Yonsei University Dental Hospital Periodontology.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Yonsei University Dental Hospital Periodontology.

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