June, 26th, 2022

08:30AM-16:00PM (KST Time)

"Updates In PRF And Bone Grafts: New Trends In Bone Management With Osteoimmunology"

Osteoimmunology is the modern science that takes into account the influence of the immune system on bone metabolism but also on all tissue healing phenomena. Indeed, bone healing starts with an immune reaction: inflammation triggered by the release of inflammatory cytokines. These cytokines are responsible for angiogenesis, which activates the formation of bone callus.

The behavior of bone cells is dependent on the functioning of the immune system: a high level of oxidants, also called oxidative stress, will lead to a failure of the immune system with collateral effects such as infection, bone resorption by stopping remodeling or fibro-integration. This is the case, for example, in diabetics, smokers, patients allergic to penicillin or in chronic inflammatory diseases.

A favorable bone metabolism will necessarily require a reduction of oxidative stress by means of various solutions such as adequate vitamin D supplementation, reduction of LDL cholesterol levels or other adequate immune stimulants. Antibiotic prophylaxis must also be revisited in order to use antibiotics with significant immune-stimulating properties. It will be easy to demonstrate that peri-implantitis is an immune disease that causes bone loss around the implant, triggered by oxidative bone stress.

Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Diploma: Medicine 1979. University of Montpellier, France.
Anesthesiology 1981. University de Montpellier, France.
Study of Management of Pain 1986. University of Strasbourg, France.
Chief of Staff: Pain therapy Center.
Inventor of the PRF® technique. “Platelet Rich. Fibrin” (autologous platelet growths factors) President of the Syfac congress: International Symposium on Growth Factors www.syfac.com

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