June, 26th, 2022

08:30AM-16:00PM (KST Time)

"GBR In Esthetic Zone Using Different Methods And Materials" (LIVE Surgery)

Treatment Plan:

#13 - GBR with non-submerged implant
1. Implant installation
2. Connect 505 or 507 healing abutment
3. GBR using THE Graft™ Collagen & THE Cover™
4. Suture with Biotex®

#21 - GBR with submerge implant
1. Implant installation
2. Connect 404 healing abutment
3. GBR using THE Graft & OpenTex®-TR

Dr. Yong Seok Cho

Dental College of Seoul National University, Korea. Ph. D in of Oral and maxillofacial Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital.
Diplomate, Korean Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Korean Board of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Chairman of Dept. of Dentistry, Chungbuk National University Hospital.
Ambulatory professor of Seoul National University Dental College & Asan Medical Centre College of Medicine & Ulsan University, Seoul Korea.
Director of AIC in Korea (Apsun Dental Implant Research and Education Centre).
Director of The 22nd Century Seoul Dental Hospital.

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Contact Person:
1 Square Félix Bloch – Pôle Activ Océan – 85300 Challans – France
Tel: +33 (0)2 28 10 61 02

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